Sunday, November 16, 2008

Access, access, access

I came across a great example of what I touched on in my risotto post regarding access to food this morning while reading the Sunday Oregonian.

This article from today's Oregonian speaks well to the issues we have regarding access to healthy food options and illustrates why preaching to people about what constitutes healthy food does not make it any easier for them to access fresh fruits and vegetables on a regular basis. It may encourage them to strategize around how they could increase fruit and vegetable consumption, but when you can reasonably only get to the grocery store once a month, you don't have access to those perishable items 3 of the 4 weeks in a month. It shows just how important the design of our cities, meaning where grocery stores are located in relation to housing, is in access to healthy food. This is no small issue and affects a large proportion of our population. It's another piece to the puzzle.

This woman's story takes place in a city in which public transportation is some of the best in the United States - imagine even fewer bus routes and less frequent service. Further imagine having food allergies and intolerances and being in this woman's shoes. Maybe some of you reading this are in that place...

Living in a Food Desert

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