Monday, July 26, 2010

Caramelized red pepper and onion over lamb burgers

Some of you might have noticed a little tag on some of my posts called, “Things Ben demands we cook.”  These are things that are particularly a result of Ben’s cravings and is more or less an inside joke between us. (Well, not so inside since the anyone with an internet connection and a decent computer can now read about it!).  He will come home from an evening out with his guy friends and say, “I had the best gyro tonight… we should really do up some tzatziki sauce this week, with some lamb…” Or, he’ll suddenly become very excited about an idea he has to change up one of our old favorites.  Sometimes, they are things he becomes obsessed with until we try a recipe.  I am often not very good at documenting these things, sadly, like a lot of the things we cook, they don’t end up here on this site. 

However, since he is almost as in love with flavors as I am, he is often coming up with some great ideas that stretch and improve upon my own. 

For example, we are both big fans of lamb burgers.  Sometimes we mix in other meats, like ground pork or ground chicken, but most of the time we leave them straight up lamb.  We always season our lamb burgers.  I haven’t ever posted a particular recipe for them, but described them previously here.  That is the general gist, and we absolutely love them. 

“We should do caramelized red pepper and onion to put on top of the lamb burgers, with some crumbled feta,” he said one Saturday morning as we were trying to come up with that week’s meals.  As he spoke, he motioned excitedly with his hands to add emphasis to how the peppers and onion would go ’on top’ of the burger.  

Yum.  This might become another staple.

How to sauté up some caramelized onion and red pepper strips:

What you need:
1 red bell pepper, cored, seeded, and sliced into long thin strips
½ small onion, sliced into long thin strips
Olive oil
Apple cider vinegar

What you do:
Heat enough olive oil in a skillet over medium-high heat to just cover the pan.  Wait until the oil is to temperature and toss in the veggies.  Stir frequently until the veggies begin to wilt and blacken in some spots (if it seems to be cooking too fast, turn the heat down a bit).  When the oil is almost all cooked away, splash a bit of the vinegar into the pan and keep stirring.  Once the veggies start to caramelize, move them immediately to a plate and serve.

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