Wednesday, May 18, 2011

False Facts - 100% gluten free!

I'm breaking from topic (somewhat) here to let you know about a truly funny comic whose author and illustrator is going after his dream to turn it into a hard-bound, full-color, coffee table book. 

The comic started as a response to the plethora of false information available on the internet; this is his way of mocking or poking fun at at those inaccuracies.  His online forum has gained considerable attention (e.g., PC mag chose his comic as one of their 50 favorite blogs of 2009) He needs to raise print costs, and here's where you can help - simply by donating $15, you purchase your own signed copy of the book.  Not a bad price for a 64-page, full color, hand illustrated book!  If you're willing to support this project at a higher level, there is additional perks you get along with your signed copy of the book. 

He is working with Kickstarter (a great program that helps folks dream their dream) to raise the funds, so head on over to his project to check it out.  He has 28 days (and counting down) to raise the $2,000 necessary to print the book.  To check out his online comic, go here

Here's a brief overview, as he describes it - you'll notice it's gluten free! :)

Helpful summary of key book features:
  • 64 pages
  • Full color from cover to cover
  • Made from 100% recycled papers and soy-based ink by 1984 Printing in Oakland, CA
  • Animal free binding that you can lick to get high
  • Has a retractable self sharpening survival blade
  • Is flame resistant
  • Can be used as a personal flotation device in case of a water landing
  • Has a LAFI rating (laughter from false information) of 1.9 LAFIs per page
  • Is Gluten-Free, but is manufactured in a facility that also processes tree nuts
So... where is the money going?  100% to print costs.  The comics for the books are drawn, selected for inclusion, and all the False Facts are available for your viewing on the internet. I'm designing the book myself and prepping it for print now. Your money is used solely to cover the cost of printing and delivering the books. 

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